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Investment Management Account

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Type of Client: -Individual/ Joint

Regulatory Minimum: PhP 1,000,000

Description: An Investment Management Account (IMA) is a fund management arrangement that allows you to invest in different financial securities. You benefit from a team of investment experts who can give you advisory and strategies to maximize your financial needs.

With an IMA account, you can invest in the following financial securities:
- Time Deposit
- Government Bonds
- Corporate Bonds
- Other Fixed Income Bonds
- Preferred Shares
- Stocks
- Collective Investment Schemes like Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) and Mutual Funds

Personal Management Trust

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Type of Client: Individual/ Joint

Regulatory Minimum: PhP 500,000

Description: An arrangement that you can enter as Trustor to preserve or optimize the return of your assets. EastWest Trust serves as Trustee which will address your current and future financial objectives as well as your beneficiary/ies'.

With a Trust account, you can place real and/or personal assets together with other financial securities.

Escrow Agency

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Type of Client: -Individual/ Joint

Description: An agency agreement where in EastWest Trust Division is appointed as agent to execute conditions set forth by two or more parties. All parties are assured of unbiased and professional service in delivery.

Services for: - Buy and Sell Transaction
- Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) bond
- Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) bond
- Personal Capital Gains Tax exemption
- Document Safekeeping

Corporate Pension or Provident Fund

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Type of Client: Company/Corporation

Description: Opening a trusteed retirement account with EastWest Bank allows your company to avail tax privileges under the law. You are assured of services of our dedicated Fund Managers and Analysts for sound investment decisions.

Services under a Retirement Fund Management:
1. Benefit planning consultancy;
2. Establish a tailor-made Trusteed Plan;
3. Design and execution investment program;
4. Prudent administration of your account in terms of contribution and benefits transactions;
5. Provide employee financial wellness programs to help boost employee morale; and
6. Render complete transparency in accounting records and provide regular reports on status and performance of the portfolio.

Services under a Provident Fund Management:
1. Asssitance in establishment of the Provident Fund;
2. Tailor-made program;
3. Administration of employee's records; and
4. Render complete transparency in accounting records

Other Corporate Services

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Type of Client: Company/Corporation

Services - Facility Agency
- Mortgage Trust Indenture
- Paying/Collecting Agency Services

EastWest Trust Division is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). For any inquiries and complaints relating to our services and products, you may contact EastWest Bank Trust at Tel. (+632) 8575-3020 or BSP Financial Consumer Protection Department at (+632) 8708-7087.

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