EastWest Travel Money now EMV and payWave

EastWest Travel Money, the first multi-currency prepaid card in Southeast Asia, is now equipped with EMV (Europay, MasterCard and VISA) chip and Visa payWave technology.

EMV provides data protection and transaction security via the use of keys and the latest encryption technology. Visa payWave is a contactless feature for quick and secure payments. Now, more than ever, cardholders will have greater peace of mind and convenience using EastWest Travel Money when travelling overseas for leisure, business or education, or when shopping online.

EastWest Travel Money helps make trips abroad safe and hassle-free without the worries of carrying large amounts of cash. It can can be loaded with up to six different currencies: US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Hong Kong Dollar, Australian Dollar and Japanese Yen. Travelers can purchase foreign currencies for loading onto their cards when exchange rates are low. The exchange rate is locked-in for the currencies loaded, hence, protecting funds from fluctuating foreign exchange rates. Those who have EastWest foreign currency deposit accounts can load funds from their accounts of the same currency.

Cardholders can use EastWest Travel Money abroad to withdraw cash at any ATM and to shop. Now payWave-enabled, paying for small purchases is faster and more secure-simply tap and go. The card doesn't leave the cardholder's hand at checkout. The limits of the value one can pay using payWave differs in every country. Purchases exceeding the limit will still be processed contactless but the cardholder may be required to sign or key-in his/her PIN.

Monitoring and tracking of load balances, transaction details, changing of PIN and locking/unlocking of card can easily be done via www.travelmoney.eastwestbanker.com. Should the card get lost or stolen, EastWest Travel Money comes with a companion card which can be used as an emergency card to access the loaded funds.

EastWest Travel Money with EMV and payWave is now available at all EastWest stores nationwide. Interested individuals can get the multi-currency prepaid card without the need to open a foreign currency account with the bank.

Cardholders who have EastWest Travel Money that are not yet equipped with EMV and payWave can have their cards replaced for free at EastWest stores. Click here for details.