Eastwest Philequity Feeder Funds Offer High Potential Returns To Davaoeños

Feeder Funds Davao


EastWest Bank launches its EastWest PhilEquity Feeder Fund today in Seda Abreeza Hotel in Davao City. The fund offers high potential returns to retail and institutional clients, much like investing in high-performing stocks but made affordable and easy even for first-time investors.

The EastWest Philequity Feeder Fund is a peso-denominated unit investment trust fund (UITF) that invests at least 90% of its assets in Philequity Fund, Inc., which is managed and principally distributed by PhilEquity Management, Inc. The Philequity Fund is one of the country’s best-performing equity mutual funds, having provided annualized returns of 23.9%, 19.1% and 17.1% respectively for the 5-year, 10-year and 15-year periods ending October 31, 2014.

The EastWest PhilEquity Feeder Fund is ideal for investors with an investment horizon of at least five years and who understand the investment risks that come with equity securities. It is available to both retail and corporate customers for a minimum participation of P10,000. Investors can maximize the earning potential of their funds without having to go through the challenges of stock picking, constantly monitoring business news and stock market movements. It offers peace of mind and confidence to investors that their hard-earned money is managed professionally and would yield the highest possible returns.

“We launched the EastWest Philequity Feeder Fund to present our clients an investment option that is both affordable and high-performing in the long term. With its addition to our current UITF product portfolio, we hope to address the investment needs of a broader customer segment,” said EastWest Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Jose Emmanuel Hilado.

“We also chose to partner with PEMI because it is one of the country’s best investment management firms with a proven track record. They can provide our investors with long-term capital appreciation through professional management, smart stock-picking and nimble market transactions,” he added

The Davao launch is part of the bank’s roadshow to promote the new investment product, following a successful launching in Manila last November 6.

Individuals who wish to avail of the EastWest PhilEquity Feeder Fund may visit any of EastWest Bank’s more than 340 branches nationwide, with 17 branches in Davao. Interested parties may also call EastWest Trust Division at (02) 575-3020, (02) 575-3022, (02) 575-3037 or email trustmarketing@eastwestbanker.com.