Starting January 4, 2016, checks that have erasures and alterations or have lacking information will not be accepted for clearing, even if countersigned. The Philippine Clearing House Corporation (PCHC) has defined checks with the following conditions as unacceptable:

Erasures or Alterations on: Missing information on:
1 Date 8 Date
2 Name of the payee (whether indicated as
        “Cash” or “Bearer” or “Holder” or a specific name
         or any other word or phrase of identification)
9 Amount payable in words except for
         checks issued by banks (Manager’s or
         Cashier’s Checks, Demand Drafts) using
         a check writer; or Signature of the drawer/s
3 Amount in figures and/or in words 10 Amount payable in figures
4 Signature/s of the drawer/s or the drawer’s
11 Payee
5 Account name and/or number  
6 Check number  
7 MICR characters  

For issued post-dated checks (PDC) with erasures, alterations and missing details, please coordinate with the payee to replace check immediately to avoid inconvenience.

For inquiries, please call (02) 888-1700.