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It pays to spend.

Cash Rewards Program

Your spending becomes even more rewarding when you get the most value for each peso. Thus, whenever you use your EastWest Visa Platinum, you will receive Cash Rewards on your purchases1, anytime, anywhere!

  • Get 3% Cash Rewards on straight charges at department stores and dining establishments
  • Get 0.3% Cash Rewards on straight charges at other establishments

To illustrate how Cash Rewards are computed, please refer to the table below:

Sample Single-Receipt Transactions for the Month Peso Amount Total Cash Rewards Earned
Apparel – Department Store Php12,000 Php360
Dinner for 5 – Restaurant Php3,000 Php90
Shoes – Specialty Store Php4,000 Php12
Full tank – Fuel Station Php1,000 Php3
Medicine – Drugstore Php1,000 Php3
Grocery – Supermarket Php12,000 Php36
TOTAL Php33,000 Php504

Your Cash Rewards shall be reflected in the Cash Rewards Summary portion of your monthly Statement of Account as follows:

Pesos Earned 504
Pesos Redeemed 0
Pesos Available 504
Your Cash Rewards Will Expire On <MMM-DD-YYYY>

To redeem your earned Cash Rewards, simply call the EastWest 24-Hour Customer Service Hotline at +63288881700. Please note that the minimum redemption amount is Php500 Cash Rewards.

Use your EastWest Visa Platinum now and be rewarded as you spend!

View the Glossary of Terms.
View the Cash Rewards Terms and Conditions.

1Terms and conditions apply.
Refer to the Cash Rewards Program Glossary of Terms for the definition of Dining and Department Stores.

Features & Benefits

Premium Perks and Visa Platinum Privileges
Take pleasure in special privileges from our roster of renowned local partners with EastWest Premium Perks. Lavish in luxurious getaways, culinary adventures, and rejuvenating wellness pursuits exclusively selected to complement your privileged lifestyle. Plus, delight yourself with Visa Platinum Privileges’ worldwide offers on shopping, dining, travel, and golf. Visit www.visaplatinum.com to see the full line-up of first-rate offers.

EastWest Premium Perks. Learn more.
Visa Platinum Privileges here and abroad. Learn more.

Free Comprehensive Travel Accident & Inconvenience Insurance of up to Php20 Million
Delve into breathtaking views of the world without worries. You and your family are covered for up to Php20 Million with comprehensive travel accident and inconvenience insurance when international/domestic air, land, and sea travel fares are purchased using your EastWest Visa Platinum.
Learn more.

Supplementary Cards
Share your spending privileges with your loved ones by giving them EastWest Visa Platinum supplementary cards. You can request up to nine (9) supplementary cards. You may also assign a monthly sub-limit2 for each supplementary card to better manage your finances.
Apply now.

Global Acceptance
Use your EastWest Visa Platinum anywhere in the Philippines and across the world wherever Visa is accepted. That’s over 46 million establishments in over 200 countries worldwide.

Secure and Convenient Payment
Experience peace of mind with technology-enabled features that ensure your payments are secure every time you use your EastWest Visa Platinum.

  • It has an EMV smart chip embedded on the card that prevents duplication of your card details when you make a transaction in physical stores and establishments.
  • It has 3D Secure that gives you added transaction payment authentication in online shops with the Verified by Visa logo. To complete your online purchase, you are required to enter a unique 6-digit One-Time Password (OTP) that is sent to your registered mobile number. For worry-free online shopping, always keep your mobile number updated. Chat with EastWest System Tech Assistant (ESTA) chatbot at www.ewlend.com/esta, then choose Services should you need to change the mobile number on record.
  • It has the Visa payWave technology that allows you to pay for your transaction with just a wave of your EastWest Visa Platinum at the point of sale (POS). Just look for the universal contactless symbol on the POS terminal in establishments worldwide to enjoy the convenience of tap-and-go.

Billings and Payments in Philippine Peso
All your purchases, whether here or abroad, are billed in Philippine Peso to allow you to keep your foreign currency intact.

Easy Payment Terms
Choose to pay your Total Statement Balance or at least the Minimum Payment Due on your billing due date. An Interest Charge will be charged if your payment by the Payment Due Date is less than your Total Statement Balance.

High Cash Advance Limit
Get cash whenever you need it with up to 70% of your credit limit. Simply withdraw from an EastWest ATM, or at any ATM bearing the BancNet, Visa or Visa Plus logo using your Cash Advance Personal Identification Number (CA-PIN).

Merchant Installment
Pay for high-ticket purchases on fixed monthly installment terms at 0% interest on select items at partner establishments.

Balance Transfer
Transfer your other credit card’s balances to your EastWest Visa Platinum and enjoy great savings and lighter monthly installment payments.
Learn more.

You have the option to convert your high-ticket shopping and travel expenses to easy payment installment terms at low monthly add-on interest rates.
Learn more.

Insta-Cash Facility3
Convert your available credit limit for the extra cash you need at low monthly add-on interest rates and easy payment installment terms.
Learn more.

Quick Bills Auto-Charge Facility
Experience the convenience to auto-charge your electric bill, phone, cable and internet subscriptions, and even insurance premiums. To enroll any of the merchant biller partner, log in to EastWest Online-Personal at personal.eastwestbanker.com or the EastWest Mobile App.
Learn more.

Automatic Enrollment to Electronic Statement of Account Facility
Safe, on time and secure. You will automatically receive your password-protected electronic Statement of Account (e-SOA) monthly to your primary registered e-mail address on record. Conveniently view and download your e-SOA within five (5) banking days from your statement cut-off date. You will even be notified through SMS to make sure you don’t miss it.
Learn more.

You can also conveniently access your e-SOA anytime, through ESTA chatbot at www.ewlend.com/esta, EastWest Online-Personal, and EastWest Mobile App.

Anytime, Anywhere Online Access to your EastWest Credit Card Account

  • EastWest System Tech Assistant (ESTA) chatbot
    Chat with ESTA for 24/7 instant credit card services assistance. View account details and available credit limit, check available cash rewards, convert transactions to installment, apply for cash installment loans, view exciting promos, and more. To enroll, launch www.ewlend.com/esta on your browser and click on the enrollment link.
  • EastWest Online
    View your credit card balance, download your electronic statement, update your contact details and more, conveniently, and securely. To enroll, launch EastWest Online-Personal on your browser and click on the enrollment link.
  • EastWest Mobile App
    Check your available credit limit, rewards/rebate balance, and more. To enroll, just download the EastWest Mobile app on App Store for iOS, Google Play for Android, or AppGallery for Huawei.

Customer Service
For lost card report and additional services, contact EastWest through:

ESTA chatbot www.ewlend.com/esta
24-hour Customer Service +63288881700
24-hour Lost Card Hotline +63288881700 (press 3)
Customer Service E-mail cards@eastwestbanker.com
Customer Service Text Facility EWBCC<space><your message>
and send to (0917) 888-1700

Note: E-mail and text facilities are available from Mondays-Fridays from 8:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. All requests received after 5:30 P.M. or during holidays/weekends will be responded to on the next banking day.

2Valid for as long as the principal Cardholder’s credit limit is available to cover for the assigned supplementary Cardholder monthly sub-limit.
3Available to qualified EastWest credit cardholders only.

Summary of Fees and Charges

EastWest Visa Platinum credit card
Annual Membership Fee Principal Card: Php2,750
Supplementary Card: Php1,375
Interest Charge 2% per month or 24% effective rate annually
Cash Advance Service Fee and Interest Charge Php200 per cash advance availment; and 2% Interest Charge imposed on the cash advance amount and Cash Advance Service Fee, which shall accrue from the date of availment until full settlement or payment of the latest Total Statement Balance
Late Payment Charge Php1,500 or the unpaid Minimum Payment Due, whichever is lower
Over Credit Limit Fee Php700 will be charged whenever the outstanding balance exceeds the prescribed credit limit within the billing period.
Returned Check Fee Php1,500 for every returned check
Retrieval Fee Php200 for the retrieval of each retail/installment and mail-order/telephone-order charge slip; Php1,250 for the retrieval of each travel and entertainment charge slip
Card Replacement Fee Php500 for every card replacement
Foreign Currency Conversion Fee Transactions made in foreign currencies/merchants or those processed by foreign acquirers shall be automatically converted to Philippine Peso at the Visa currency conversion rate on the day the transaction is processed, plus a Foreign Currency Conversion Fee of 1.70% which is comprised of Visa's Assessment Fee and EastWest's Service Fee.
Gambling and Gaming Fee A 5% service fee shall be charged on gaming/gambling transactions and/or transactions made at gaming/gambling establishments, including the placement of wagers, purchase of lottery tickets, gaming chips, as well as any other values in conjunction with any gaming or gambling activity.
Multiple Payment Fee Cardholders are allowed a maximum of three (3) payment transactions in EastWest-accredited Payment Channels posted within a statement cycle. A Php50 fee will be charged for each payment posted after the third payment transaction. Payments made in EastWest Payment Channels will not incur any charge.
Installment Processing Fee A fixed processing fee will be applied for every approved Insta-Cash, Balance Transfer and Convert-to-Installment transactions. Php250 via electronic channels (ESTA or EastWest System Tech Assistant chatbot, EastWest Online and EastWest Mobile App) or Php500 via our Customer Service hotline.
Installment Pre-Termination Fee 5% of the remaining principal balance or Php500, whichever is higher, for every processed pre-termination on Merchant Installment, Balance Transfer, Insta-Cash and Convert-to-Installment
Closed Card Account Service Fee For closed card accounts which have credit balances, the cardholder shall make the appropriate arrangement with EastWest to collect the credit balance within three (3) months from the card account closing date. Otherwise, EastWest shall deduct from such credit balance a monthly service fee of Php200 to cover for administrative costs incurred by EastWest in maintaining the cardholder's account.
Statement of Account Printing and Delivery Fee Php200 for every additional copy of credit card Statement of Account
Minimum Payment Due Computation The Minimum Payment Due will be composed of the following: (a) 3% of your Total Statement Balance inclusive of all fees and charges and monthly installment/s, if any, but exclusive of any unbilled installment amount, and any amount in excess of your credit card limit; (b) past due amount, if any; and (c) any amount in excess of your credit card limit. The Minimum Payment Due is the sum of (a), (b) and (c); or Php200, whichever is higher.
Interest Charge Computation At every billing cycle, you have the option to pay the Total Statement Balance, the Minimum Payment Due, or any amount in between. If you do not pay the Total Statement Balance on or before the Payment Due Date as set out in your electronic Statement of Account, an Interest Charge will be imposed. The Interest Charge in your current electronic Statement of Account is based on the daily interest rate (monthly interest rate divided by 30) multiplied by (a) your unpaid Total Statement Balance from your previous Statement date until the date prior to payment, and (b) your cash advance amount and Cash Advance Service Fee from the date of availment until full settlement or payment of the latest Total Statement Balance.

View the Sample Interest Computation here.


Submission of Basic
Customer Credit Data to CIC

Pursuant to RA 9510 or the Credit Information System Act, EastWest Bank is mandated to submit basic customer credit data and its succeeding updates to the Credit Information Corporation (CIC).

The information will be used by financial institutions and credit reporting agencies authorized by the CIC in evaluating the creditworthiness of prospective and existing customers.

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