EastWest Peso Money Market Fund

EastWest Prepaid Card

The EastWest Prepaid Card with EMV & payWave is a safe and convenient method for making payments for goods and services.

  • It removes the risk and inconvenience brought about by carrying large amounts of cash to pay for big ticket items.
  • It is a generally accepted form of payment for purchases through Point-of-sale terminals found in most establishment, as well as through automated teller machines and electronic payment channels used by online merchants.
  • It is an effective budgeting tool that prevents you from spending more than the amount that you have allotted and loaded into the Prepaid Card.
  • It is supported by features and processes to help safeguard your funds from theft, loss and unauthorized usage.
  • No bills, finance charges or other fees for you to worry about at a later date.

You can use your EastWest Prepaid Card to pay for dining, shopping, fuel, groceries, utility bills and online purchases. For as long as the merchant or establishment that you are transacting with accepts VISA as a payment option, you will be able to use your Prepaid Card for payment.

With over 30 million VISA affiliated establishments and 350,000 online merchants worldwide your cashless shopping options are virtually limitless. Even cash withdrawals are allowed at all VISA affiliated ATMs across the globe, subject to applicable fees and charges of the host bank and/or network.

All you need to do is visit any EastWest Bank store and follow the simple steps below.

  1. Approach an EastWest sales officer and inquire about the Prepaid Card.
  2. Fully accomplish an EastWest Prepaid Card application form.
  3. Present at least one (1) valid government issued identification card.
  4. Pay a minimal card application fee of P100.
  5. Load your Prepaid Card with any amount between Php 100 to Php 100,000 and it will be credited to your prepaid card for immediate use.

Basic Fees & Charges

Card Application Fee Php 100.00
Card Replacement Fee Php 100.00
PIN Regeneration Fee Php 50
Over-The-Counter Load / Reload FREE
Inactivity Fee*** Php 50.00 or the remaining balance whichever is lower
ATM Balance Inquiry - Domestic Php 1.00/transaction
ATM Balance Inquiry - International* Php 45.00/transaction
ATM Withdrawal - EastWest Bank ATM Php 10.00/transaction after 3rd transaction**
ATM Withdrawal - Other Banks ATM Php 11.00/transaction
ATM Withdrawal - International VISA ATM* Php 157.50/transaction

* Subject to applicable fees and charges that may be imposed by the host bank.
** For every one (1) calendar month period.
*** Imposed on cards without client-initiated transactions for one (1) year to be applied every calendar month.


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