EastWest Auto Loan

EastWest Auto Loan

Auto Loan

Let EastWest Bank be your financial partner in purchasing your BRAND NEW or SECOND-HAND VEHICLE. Enjoy simpler and faster loan processing and avail of low interest rates.

PLUS, experience the following advantages:

  • Wide Acceptability of Vehicles
  • Affordable Down Payment
  • Easy-on-the-Pocket Amortization
  • Flexible Payment Terms of 12 months to 60 months
  • Convenient Payment Options:
    • Issuance of Post-Dated Checks (PDCs)
    • Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA) against an EastWest Bank deposit account

Auto Loan Rates

TYPE INTEREST PAYT. 12 Mos. 18 Mos. 24 Mos. 36 Mos. 48 Mos. 60 Mos.
Brand New
In Arrears 4.91% 7.19% 9.64% 14.63% 20.04% 26.64%
In Advance 4.21% 6.46% 8.87% 13.80% 19.15% 25.64%
Second Hand
In Arrears 9.15% 12.66% 19.09% 27.81% 36.66%
In Advance 7.67% 11.23% 17.39% 26.05% 34.84%

*Rate are not applicable for ALL-IN promos of dealers, accounts referred by agents with premiums and accounts which require a dealer's premium(Rates are based in 0% premium)


For more information:

Visit any EastWest Store.

Call 24/7 Customer Service Hotline (+632) 8888-1700.

Email us at csloans@eastwestbanker.com.

Submission of Basic
Customer Credit Data to CIC

Pursuant to RA 9510 or the Credit Information System Act, EastWest Bank is mandated to submit basic customer credit data and its succeeding updates to the Credit Information Corporation (CIC).

The information will be used by financial institutions and credit reporting agencies authorized by the CIC in evaluating the creditworthiness of prospective and existing customers.