EastWest as Selling Agent of New 5-12 Retail Treasury Bonds (RTB)

New 5 year Retail Treasury Bonds (RTBs) are now available to invest in. RTBs are medium- to long-term investments issued by the government, which is part of their program to make securities available to small-time investors.

RTBs are a fixed-income type of security that allows you to grow your money with minimal risk, making it ideal for investors looking for accessible higher-yielding and low-risk investments. Fixed-income means you earn a fixed interest rate based on the principal market given on a quarterly basis. The terms of offering of the new RTBs are as follows:
Issuer: Bureau of Treasury (BTr)
Maturity Date: March 12, 2024
Issue and Redemption Price: At par
Interest Rate: 6.25% gross p.a. subject to final 20% withholding tax. Tax Exempt Institutions (TEIs) are required to submit their valid BIR Tax Certificate to claim exemption.
Interest Payments: Quarterly
Minimum Investment: Php 5,000 and integral multiples thereof
End of Offer period: March 8, 2019 (or any earlier date within the Public Offer Period as determined by the BTr)

EastWest Bank is one of the authorized selling agents of this new issuance. For more information about Retail Treasury Bonds, you may call your store of account or EastWest Distribution Group at (632) 575-3084, 575-3022 or 575-3035 within business hours of 8:30am to 5:50pm.

Prior to making an investment in any product through the EWBC - Distribution Group, EWBC is hereby informing the CLIENT of the nature of and the risks the product/s CLIENT intend to invest. As investments carry different degrees of risk, it is necessary that before CLIENT invests in any product, CLIENT should have (1) fully understood the nature of the investments and the extent of CLIENT's exposure to risks, (2) completely read the Risk Disclosure Statement, and (3) independently determined that the investment is appropriate for the CLIENT. There are risks involved in investing in various investment outlets under the EWBC - Distribution Group because the returns of such investments are not guaranteed and therefore may fluctuate in value. YOUR PRINCIPAL AND EARNINGS FROM THE INVESTMENTS CAN BE LOST IN WHOLE OR IN PART WHEN MARKET CONDITIONS ARE NOT FAVORABLE.