EasyBiz Promo

Run your business efficiently through EastWest’s Cash Management Solutions. Whether it’s auto-debit collections, supplier disbursements, or employee payroll crediting, we have the solutions that will answer your needs. But, what makes this even better is that we’re making things even easier for you with our new easyBiz promo!

Worry less as you make your own easyBiz plan with no minimum ADB requirement.

Earn smarter with bonus interest rates for 3 months.

Choose at least 2 of any of EastWest’s Cash Management Solutions:

  • BIPPS – Bulk InstaPay and PESONet Payment System
  • eCredit
  • eSettle
  • eGov
  • ADA

This bundled solution gives you operational efficiency since all transactions can be done online, within the comfort of your own office or home. Enrollment is quick and simple, and will only take 2-5 banking days once complete requirements have been submitted. Request for a callback from your store of account to avail of the easyBiz promo now!

Call your EastWest sales officer or click here to know more about the products or request for a callback.


  • * User training manuals are given to clients which are easy to read and easy to install. Further, customer support will be made available for these products.
  • * Payments to suppliers are either real-time (InstaPay) or next day credit (via PesoNet) depending on the amount of the transaction. For eCredit, eSettle, eGov, and ADA, these are all posted real-time.